We want you to be proud of your College. Wearing a uniform demonstrates that pride. Our uniform is smart, simple, hard working and comfortable. It was designed in consultation with students, teachers, parents and Governors.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Tutor or Head of Year. Please do also get in contact with us if you need any support in purchasing any of the uniform.

Please make sure that names are clearly marked on all items of uniform.


  • Plain white shirt
  • College clip on tie
  • Black College jumper or cardigan (no hoodies)
  • Black trousers or plain black tailored shorts (both with pockets and zip front)
  • NO cargo pants - NO denim/denim look - NO tracksuit material - NO corduroy - NO chinos - NO shiny material
  • Plain black footwear
  • Black or white socks
  • NO hi-tops - NO logos - NO stripes


  • Plain white shirt
  • College clip on tie
  • Black College jumper or cardigan (no hoodies)
  • Black trousers (with pockets and zip front), plain black knee-length skirt or plain black tailored shorts (with pockets and zip front)
  • NO leggings - NO denim/denim look - NO tracksuit material - NO corduroy - NO chinos - NO lycra skirts - NO shiny material
  • Plain black footwear (leather boots may be worn under trousers only)
  • Plain black tights or black or white socks.
  • NO hi-tops - NO logos - NO stripes - NO heels

Personal Appearance

We are very proud of our students and wearing the school uniform not only shows that we are all part of one community but shows that the students have pride in themselves and in turn the College. Therefore:

  • Shirts for both girls and boys should be tucked in.
  • Hair should be of a natural shade and should be worn in a conventional style. No less than Grade 2 please.
  • No writing or defacing of ties. Name permitted on the underside.
  • No facial piercings including nose studs are permitted. Nose retainers may be worn.
  • Two small stud earrings in either one or each ear lobe is allowed.
  • No jewellery such as necklaces or rings should be worn to college.
  • No hoodies, sweatshirts or jean jackets should be worn either on their own or under other jackets or clothing on the school site.
  • Woolly hats and summer caps may be worn at appropriate times but must be taken off before entering the buildings.
  • Headphones should not be worn during the school day except at break and lunchtime.
  • Jeans or Jean shorts and are not an acceptable replacement for school trousers/shorts or skirt. Please be aware if your child comes in wearing Jeans, they may be placed in INTEX for the day or until it has been resolved, even if you have provided a note.

Make-up and Nails

We want students to focus on their learning, and to get on well with others in their classes and at social times.  We do not want to encourage an environment where students are competing in terms of their appearance or how ‘fashionable’ they look. Equally, false nails can pose risks for students during certain activities such as catering and PE. Please use the information below as additional guidance alongside our College Uniform Policy.

Years 7-8

Make-up is not permitted in Years 7- 8 (without exception). It is not deemed appropriate or necessary for students aged 11-12 to wear make-up in the school work environment for the reasons stated above.  We also know that make-up could provide a distraction during lesson time given that younger students may be tempted to remove items from their bags to ‘top up’ or ‘reapply’.  This would affect the learning and concentration of others.

As make-up is not permitted, tutors are provided with make-up wipes and will ask students in Years 7-8 to remove make-up during tutor time.  Students will be sent to the Year Team or school office at other times of the day if they are found to be wearing make-up.  If make-up is applied during the day, other sanctions may apply such as detentions. For repeated offences, this will be treated as defiance and the appropriate disciplinary measures taken.

Years 9 -11

Years 9, 10 and 11 students may apply ‘light touch’ make-up if they wish to do so. This means Years 9, 10 and 11 students can wear make-up that is not noticeable to the observer e.g. light moisturising foundation, light mascara, clear lip balm, natural colours.  This concession is to recognise them as senior students in the main school and to support the transition to post 16 education or work.

However, where a student abuses this privilege and wears too much make-up, then sanctions will follow and the student’s concession will be withdrawn. False eyelashes and eye liner are not acceptable for school.

Post 16 students

There are no restrictions on post 16 students wearing make-up or nail varnish reflecting their extra freedom and responsibility as young adults within the school.

Essential Equipment stored in a pencil case.

  • Pen (black or blue ink)
  • Purple ball-point pen (for DIRT work)
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Glue Stick

Useful Equipment

  • Dictionary
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor
  • Pencil crayons

Please bring your equipment to college in a bag that is large enough to hold all that you need. We recommend that you use a rucksack or satchel-style bag.

Where to Buy

  • The school jumper and cardigan is available from Wovina, 1 Omaha Road, Bodmin PL31 2DL. Tel: 01208 73484 (see map below).
  • The College clip on tie (£5) is available from the Finance Office at the College.
  • Plain white long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts are available from uniform shops or most major supermarkets.
  • Plain black tailored trousers, skirts and shorts are available from uniform shops or most major supermarkets. Please be careful when purchasing these items, as some of the clothing that shops classify as school uniform will not met our criteria.