Ready to Learn

'Ready to Learn' is the expectation that students take responsibility for their own learning and supporting them to become more organised.

What are the expectations?

Every student comes to school with a minimum of a PEN, PENCIL, RULER, PLANNER and a ‘CAN DO’ attitude.

Every Learning Zone One, there will be 'Ready to Learn' checks where students will meet and greet their teacher at the classroom door, showing their pencil case and planner.

For the first week, if the students have not been ‘Ready to Learn’ they will be giving a warning.

In the second week, parents will be informed by email that their child has failed to bring in the minimum equipment.

In the third week, students will be issued with sanctions.

How can parents/carers support?

Talk through your child’s timetable. Keep an extra copy at home so that you can remind them of lessons that might need more preparation. (PE and Food, for example.)

Remind your child to get their bag ready the night before.

If you do get an email that reports a piece of equipment is missing, please help your child that evening to get it right the next day.

You will also be able to check their “Ready to Learn” progress every week in your child’s planner along with their attendance, rewards and behaviour points.