Emergency Closure

Emergency Closure Procedures

  • In the event of having to close the College due to inclement weather/any other unforeseen event the following procedures will apply.
  • Our priority is to ensure that all students and staff are kept warm and safe.  Any decision to close the College will be made as early as possible to permit subsequent actions to occur safely.
  • The Principal will act (unless the situation requires an alternative response [to be determined by the Principal]) in accordance with the LA Procedure; ‘Closing your School in an Emergency; A guide for Headteachers and schools staff’ and ‘School Emergency Closures – A Guide for Parents and Guardians'.


Public timetabled examinations will, whenever possible, continue in the event of closure and information will be published on the College website.  In the event that it is deemed by an individual to be unsafe to travel on a day when an examination is due to be sat, the College Examinations Officer should be informed at the earliest opportunity.

Closure during normal College hours

The decision to close will be made after considering a number of factors and the undertaking of a risk assessment by the Principal and appropriate members of staff.

In the event of an emergency closure during normal College hours the Principal, SLT and staff at the College will endeavour to follow the procedure/s outlined below (unless a more appropriate course of action is deemed appropriate)

  • A text message will be sent to all parents advising them of the decision to close the school.
  • Class teachers will inform students of the reasons for the emergency closure and ask students to contact parents/carers (or nominated contacts) via their mobile telephones taking note of any students who are unable to make appropriate arrangements/obtain permission to be sent home/to a safe place
  • Should students not have a mobile telephone then arrangements will be in place for them to use College telephones
  • Should students be unable to make appropriate arrangements than they will be sent to the Bell Hall where they will remain under the supervision of senior staff until parents/carers are able to collect them or confirm with us that they have a safe place where parents /carers are happy for them to go
  • Where pupils cannot obtain parental permission to leave the site members of the SLT will act in-loco parentis taking into account pupils’ age, distance to be travelled, etc with the sole aim of ensuring the young person is evacuated from the site to a safe location with risk of harm being minimised to that which is reasonable.

With over 1500 pupils to evacuate from the site, we are keen to ensure that it is done in a calm and orderly manner and that all pupils go from and to a safe environment.  No pupil should leave the College building without permission from a member of staff and parent/carer (nominated contact).  Should any pupil not comply with the advice they are given all reasonable measures, short of physical restraint, will be used to encourage them to remain on the College site.

6th Form

  • Students in the 6th Form will be encouraged to make their way to a safe location as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • Where students are reliant on public transport/taxi services or cannot for any other reason make their way safely to a safe location they will assemble in their Common Room and await assistance from the Head of 6th Form, Assistant Head of 6th Form and the 6th Form PA.  Where staff are teaching they should immediately send a request to reception for a cover member of staff to be deployed asap in order that they can be freed to take responsibility for managing the safe exit from the site of students in 6th Form.