Dear Parent /Carer,

It has been a week since I last wrote to you outlining the government’s plan to begin a phased re-opening of schools and colleges. During this week there has been much in the way of press coverage and opinion raising many questions for students, parents and staff alike.

During this time, we have been listening to the views of parents and students and liaising closely with various professional bodies, the local authority and other schools across Cornwall to develop an approach that is both safe and right for our students.

With the guidance and scientific evidence changing by the day, this has proven to be exceptionally challenging and I thank you for your patience and support.

Later this week I will be writing to you again with a more detailed outline of our planned provision but in this letter I aim to reassure you that Bodmin College’s approach will be driven by two key principles:

  1. The utmost safety, health and wellbeing of all students, staff, parents and families
  2. A personalised approach that aims to meet the individual needs of every student

Our plan to provide face-to-face support that supplements remote learning for Year 10 and 12 will be a gradual and phased approach.

  • Phase 1 will be a virtual provision offering 1:1 support and guidance for each student. This phase will allow us to shape the next few phases in a way that ensures we meet individual student need safely. We anticipate this phase starting from 1st June and will write shortly with more information.
  • The following phases will aim to offer a range of support from pastoral to academic through a variety of mediums that allow students and parents to choose the approach that is right for them. Each phase will shape the next and allow us to be flexible in meeting individual and changing needs. No child or parent will be penalised for non-attendance and we will endeavour to minimise any disadvantaged from non-attendance. We anticipate these phases being available from 15th June subject to safety conditions and further government guidance. Again further information will follow shortly which I hope will address all of your queries and allow you to make informed choices.

All this is fully dependent on the outcome of the government review of the 5 scientific tests which is due on 28th May 2020 and will be accompanied by carefully planned social distancing and hygiene measures.

In the meantime, our term-time remote learning provision continues for all students. You will have received information yesterday from Mrs Guest explaining how we are continuing to improve and develop that provision and a reminder that all information can be found on our website.

I thank you once again for your continued support and patience and will endeavour to be in touch again before the end of this week.

Kind regards

E Seward-Adams

Mrs Emmie Seward-Adams