Dear Parents/Carers,

2020 has undoubtedly been a year of uncertainty and sudden changes. Following my letter to you all on Wednesday 16th December, I find myself now writing again to inform you of some late changes to the start of term in January 2021.

You will by now have heard the Government announcement made last night which I have outlined below:

  1. “secondary schools will have a staggered return for week commencing 4 January 2021, secondary schools and colleges will provide remote education to most pupils, only opening for face-to-face education for vulnerable children, children of critical workers and those in years 11 and 13”
  2.  “it is the government’s intention for schools to provide mass lateral flow testing to as many secondary staff and students as possible, commencing in January. Testing is not mandatory”

NEW Revised Term Dates For January 2021

 Years 11 & 13, Return to college as normal on Tuesday 5th January 2021
All Greenfield and Pathways students  Return to college as normal on Tuesday 5th January 2021
Work-Skills students  Return to college as per normal timetable on Tuesday 5th January
Years 7-10 & 12 Remote learning from 5th -8th January 2021

·         Satchel:One (SMHWK) for lessons

·         Live MSTeams Tutorial – Times will be confirmed in January

·         FSM provision will be available for eligible students – please click here to place your order.

Your feedback from the last 2 days of MSTeams Live Tutorials is appreciated and will help us ensure high quality provision in January. Please click here to complete a short survey.

Return as normal on Monday 11th January 2021

Vulnerable & Key-Worker Students We will be providing in-school provision for eligible students. If your child is eligible for VKW provision and requires a place, please click here to book.  To ensure we can accommodate all those eligible please pre-book by Sunday 3rd January 2021


Bus transport will be available as normal and normal COVID procedures for school opening will continue to apply.

Proposed Mass Testing Arrangements For Schools

At the moment, no detail has yet been released and we expect this information to follow over the Christmas break.  The staggered start is intended to allow schools the planning and delivery time required to implement two mass-testing programmes for staff and students at the start of January.

These testing programmes are intended to ensure early identification of asymptomatic cases, to prevent the spread of infection and reduce the need for self-isolation.

Testing will require parental consent and will be strongly recommended but not mandatory. Testing will be done using the lateral-flow tests which return results within the hour and do not require laboratory processing.

Further Information

I regret that this is all the detail that I can issue at this stage, as the government announcement was only made last night and full details are not being released until next week.

As the college will be closing at 3.30pm today I appreciate that it will be difficult to answer any of your questions until the New Year. However, please be assured that I will write again in January with further details. In the meantime, please feel free to submit any questions via the contact us section of the website and we will deal with these on our return through our Parent FAQs.

You may also find the links below useful:

I would like to thank you all ONCE AGAIN for your incredible support and patience during these most challenging of times and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Kindest regards

E Seward-Adams

Mrs E Seward-Adams