Next Steps funding was secured for the whole of year 9 to benefit from a workshop delivered through MADE a London based education and training provider specialising in aspiration raising and study skills. Delivered in the studio in College this session involved students in target setting and understanding the importance of identifying SMART targets, psychology and the role of conscious and subconscious mind in achieving goals. The power of visualisation was explored and 5 steps followed resulting in building a visual lighthouse to help to achieve targets. These were, turning wishes into targets, taking action, considering the obstacles, building a support team and committing.

Student feedback comments included:-

  • It has made me think of what I want my future to be like
  • It has made me more confident about my learning
  • Very inspiring & motivating
  • It gave me an insight and a positive view on how to achieve. Loved it!
  • I want to achieve what the trainer achieved so it helped me to figure out what my A-levels could lead me to
  • It has made me feel more positive about my future
  • I now feel more motivated and realise that in order to achieve my goals I need to set targets and commit
  • It’s made me motivated to succeed
  • It was inspirational
  • I feel more confident
  • It made me seriously think about how I can achieve my dreams/targets
  • It’s made me want to work harder

All students have a ‘lighthouse’ to take home and use as a motivational reminder and tool. We hope to secure further funding for students to benefit in other years on topics of study skills and exam success. For more information about the project and opportunities for students visit

Rachel Devine

Next Steps In School Co-Ordinator