On Monday 29th October the Year 10 construction students visited the Gilbert and Goode construction site at St Tudy. The aim was for students to see how a construction site works in real life and to learn more about careers in the construction industry. Over the day students took part in 4 activities.

Students were given a tour of the site so they could see every stage of construction from the drainage and earthmoving of the groundworks stage to the laying of foundations to the construction of the house frames to the electrics and plumbing and finally the almost completed buildings on the other end of the site. Like everyone else on site students had to be properly equipped with steel toe capped boots, gloves and helmets. As part of the tour students were introduced to key site staff. These people told students about how they had got into the positions they had, what they did and about opportunities within the construction industry.

Students then took part in a bricklaying challenge under the supervision of the site foreman. It was good for students to demonstrate what they had learned in the class room on an actual construction site.

After lunch, (with cake provided), students had two more activities. One activity was looking at how all of the jobs on a construction site are planned to complete the work smoothly, which jobs need to be completed first and which jobs can run alongside one another. This also gave students of some construction related roles which they had not previously encountered.

Finally, the group had a session with a firm of architects. This company talked a little about a project they were working on and the issues they had to take account of during their planning. They talked about the programmes they used to design buildings which linked to design work that students are already doing. Students enjoyed using the VR technology which together with 3D virtual models of their projects enable the company to look for potential problems in the design and for the clients to visualise their completed work.

Many thanks to the Cornwall Construction Training Group for organising the visit.

Miss M Thomas, Careers Lead, Mr P Hickey, Head of Construction