To encourage more of our students to read a variety of books, students and staff took part in a number of whole school activities to celebrate World Book Day.

The English corridor was transformed into a life-sized library thanks to the creativity of the English department who had turned their doors into popular book covers and themselves into characters. This created a fantastic atmosphere and encourage many student discussions concerning the books and characters depicted; many other staff and sixth form students also came dressed as famous fictional characters.

Cornish literature was then brought to life for Year 7 English groups and some Year 9 tutor groups who were joined by KeaP Pop-Up Storytellers who shared literature to stories, poems and songs.

At break and lunch time, the Canteens and Crate served book related specials for students to enjoy while teachers volunteered to read stories to students in the library.

To get Y8 in a flap about non-fiction reading, they were joined by Andy from Cornish Birds of Prey Centre who delivered an engaging lecture on falcons, Darwin and adaptation.

Teachers also shared their love of reading with students. Every lesson, teachers spent 5 minutes reading and discussing their favourite paragraph/page from a book.

At tutor time, students studied 10 Books that Changed the World, and debated, as a tutor, which book  had had the greatest impact on society. Y12 also supported Year 7 students at tutor with paired reading tasking place as usual during tutor.