Four year 11 and 12 students recently attended the Russell Group Imperial College for STEM related workshops.

Bodmin College had a really big impact on this intensive day as less than 50 students were successful in being selected from across the country, yet four had gone to South Kensington all the way from Bodmin. The day was helpful in many ways and both Molly and Isabel found many aspects of what they learnt would be useful in studying their A levels.

The finale of the day was the engineering challenge led by Dr Sunday Popo-Ola, Research and Teaching Fellow at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The students discovered how engineers design and build bridges, learning first hand about the physics of construction. Students were tasked with building their own structures from wood, ensuring they incorporated the basic principles of physics into their designs.

The twist in this activity was that students were given a set amount of money each, they could choose to work alone or in a team of any size and they had to use their money to buy equipment, materials and knowledge to enable them to build their bridges, thus testing their collaborative, team building and entrepreneurial skills. Bridges were later tested for their strength and the winning team was Adam and Jakub. Well done indeed boys!

Congratulations to all four students and good luck with your STEM studies.

Dr Dixon