Exams Made Easy – Revision skills workshop training for students, staff and parents

As part of ongoing preparation for both mock exams and GCSE exams last week we welcomed MADE training company into College following on from it’s successful pilot last year. The Next Steps South West initiative funded the opportunity for all year 11 to enjoy a workshop which explored techniques of Benchmarking, vocalisation (simply saying aloud means 50% better retention), visual memory skills, Memory palace and ‘mnemonic devices’ such as number words to revise and retain information. One of the spatial learning strategies included fixing memorable images or ‘triggers’ to ‘lock in’ information. Students quickly learnt how to identify the top 12 most populated countries in the world! This technique has been seen on TV in the shows ‘Sherlock’ and ‘The Mentalist’. The importance of breaking down revision into 20 minute chunks and revising in effect 3 times more effectively was also emphasised.

As part of staff development staff had the opportunity to discuss these techniques and how they might apply them in the classroom most effectively. Finally, Year 11 parents had a workshop giving an overview of these techniques and also how to support from home in relation to environment and parental support and management of their child throughout their GCSEs.

We are hoping to take this further and offer our A’level students critical thinking and analysis training later in the Spring term and also deliver a motivation session to Year 10 in the summer term as they becoming emerging Year 11.

For follow up or further details contact: Rachel Devine NSSW In School Co-ordinator dr@bodmincollege.co.uk


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