Year Ten students visited Pendennis Castle last week as part of their GCSE History course. Pendennis Castle is a fascinating site and was chosen because of its rich history; from a defensive structure built to prevent Spanish attacks, to a barracks and training ground for soldiers in both World Wars. Students have been studying the history of the castle and key events relating to it, before visiting and spending the day there. They took photographs and produced sketches of the castle while answering questions. 

Milly described the day as “very interesting” and was amazed by the view from the top of the keep. Daniel referred to the day an “historical adventure” and explained that being able to explore the castle in person helped him gain a much better understanding than simply studying it in the classroom. Students will complete an exam on the site as part of their History Around Us module and the visit was able to bring the classroom learning to life. All the students were brilliant ambassadors of the college and the trip has set them in good stead for their exams in year 11.