Bodmin College unveiled its brand-new Library on Tuesday 23rd April, with Author Amy Lilwall officially ‘cutting the ribbon’. Having won a £10,000 grant from the Foyle Foundation to spend on fiction books in 2018, the Library “rivals Waterstones”.

“We are absolutely thrilled and very proud to have opened our Library which promotes the wonder of reading with our students and school community” commented Mrs Joanne Guest, Lead Teacher at Bodmin College. “Over the last 6 months, a voluntary drive team of dedicated staff have worked very hard to select the right books to ensure maximum engagement for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students. Our students are already reaping the rewards of such an enriching collection of books – it’s like our very own Waterstones!”

Following the ribbon cutting, Amy Lilwall, Author of The Biggerers and Senior Lecturer of Creative Writing at Falmouth University spent the morning with students in creative writing workshops.

“We are very grateful for the Foyle Foundation for the £10,000 grant. It was very much needed to revamp and revitalize our library. We are hoping that in the next year, we will see a very big increase in progress in terms of literacy and reading for pleasure” commented Mrs Guest.

“We wanted to ensure our old books were put to good use, so we shared the gift of reading with those less fortunate than ourselves” commented Mrs Guest. “Students and the project steering group decided to run two schemes which will leave a lasting impact.”

‘Give a Child a Book’ allowed all Bodmin College students to take a book home and the remaining books were boxed up and sent to two charities.

“Books2Africa is an incredible charity which reduces environmental waste in the UK and improves the quality of education in African through the collection and distribution of books” commented Mrs Guest. “Books were also donated to local charity, Restoral MIND, to raise money to supports people with mental health needs in Cornwall.”

“There was huge excitement around our new Library and Amy Lilwall’s visit! A love of reading is so important in opening doors for students. Reading allows deeper learning across subjects but also on into lifelong learning which inevitably supports our students in achieving greater success for their futures” added Principal at Bodmin College, Mrs Seward-Adams.

“It opens minds and inspires creativity and imagination, paving the way for problem solving, entrepreneurship and big ideas that help our students to contribute to society and the wider community. In a digital age where life can be busy, reading allows a sense of escapism promoting good mental health and wellbeing. The new library is so exciting. I’d like to thank everyone involved in securing the funding – it’s been wonderful to see everyone’s reactions when they’ve been exploring our incredible new collection of books.”