William Hamley Year 7 and Year 8 students got to experience politics first hand this week when they attended the House of Commons debate concerning the Resignation of the UK Ambassador to the USA at the Houses of Parliament London.

Students got to see a brilliant exchange between the two main political parties when Shadow Minister for Foreign and Common Wealth Affairs, Labours’ Liz McInnes, questioned Minister of State, Alan Duncan Smith of the Conservative Party, concerning the actions of the current and future Prime Minister in relation to the USA President.

Following the House of Commons debate, Year 8 Student Ella said; “I found it really interesting to see this actually happening and was really inspired by it. I may even consider a career in politics.”

Fellow Year 8 student Maddie added; “It was really amazing to see all the incredible aspects of London and being able to see political events live in-front of me was amazing. I also enjoyed experiencing all the different parts of historic London.”

Pippa Year 7 came away really enthused asking; “How do you get to be an ambassador? How does an Embassy work and how would you go about getting a career as a diplomat?”

After watching the debate from the public viewing gallery, students were met by North Cornwall MP Scott Mann who bravely answered the students’ challenging questions for 15 minutes regarding his policies and his political career.

Students also had the opportunity to learn about the Parliamentary system: through taking part in a debate workshop, they were able to put their own debate skills to the test by trying to get new laws they had developed passed in a mock Parliament. While in London on the two-day aspirations trip, led by KS3 Aspiration Coordinator Ms Stott, William Hamley STEM Lead Ms Drybrough, Mrs Wells and Mr Gaskell, students also had the chance to visit the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, China Town, Covent Garden and the Tower of London.