This week our year 11 all benefited from a Next Step funded intervention all about revision and how to apply techniques to improve their ability to retain information.  Sander De-Groot from MADE training worked with our students looking at techniques and strategies to revise more effectively and to apply techniques to help them to improve their revision and learn more effectively and efficiently. Students learnt the importance of vocalisation to retain an extra 50% of the information. Strategies such as how to benchmark, applying memory palace, number words – using mnemonics and using cue cards with mind maps were all explored as techniques to try and apply when revising.

In the evening parents were invited in to see what students had done and to identify how parents could support study best at home. Feedback was great and we hope to build on this in future and offer much more. For more information or to see what other opportunities are available through Next Steps contact Rachel Devine Next Steps In School Co-ordinator on

Feedback comments;-


Practical techniques with worked examples that really show how these things can work

It was excellent

I found it very interesting, especially the breaking down into 20 minute sessions

Learned a lot – changed from our day!


I am going to change the way I revise to make it more effective

Motivating – it was pretty good to be fair

I have learnt different ways to revise which I can use at home

It gave me a clear understanding of many effective revision techniques

Helped me to understand how to revise better

It has given me the motivation to try new forms of revision

Built up my confidence and showed me how to revise effectively

It helped me realise how useful condensing information is