REMINDER: Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening

Our Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening is now live on the Sixth Form website. There are a number of resources here including course descriptors, the College prospectus and a number of videos from staff and students to provide information about Post-16 study.

REMINDER: Medical Appointments

If your child has a medical appt during the school day and needs to leave College,  please write the details of the appointment (timings etc) in your child’s planner against the diary date of the appointment.  Your child can show their tutor for an Exeat form to be completed and authorised.

REMINDER: Face masks

Please can you support your child in remembering to bring a face mask, plus a spare in a plastic bag, each day. Reusable facemasks are available to purchase from the online College shop for £1.10.

NEW: Coats and jumpers in lessons

As a result of increased ventilation in classrooms, with doors and windows being kept open, we are continuing to allow students to wear a coat or an additional jumper on top of their school jumper in lessons. It is also acceptable for students to wear an additional layer underneath their school shirt, such as a plain white t-shirt. Our expectations for all other uniform items remain the same.

NEW: Year 8 and 9 Maths Catch-Up

The Maths Department staff have kindly agreed to offer up their lunch time once a week to help students in years 8 and 9 who are struggling with a particular topic.

‘Rising Stars’ will start after half term. Students who need a little extra help on a given topic will be invited to attend a lunch time session.

An email will go home to let you know that your son/daughter has received an invite.

Students who attend will get a priority pass to get their lunch first to help them get the most from the Rising Stars club. Our aim is to plug any gaps in students’ understanding to prepare them for years 9 and 10. Whilst this club is not compulsory, we would ask that you actively support your children if they are invited to attend. You will receive an email, after the club, to confirm their attendance. The students will, also, receive praise points to congratulate them on being proactive in their learning.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Mrs O’Neill, Numeracy Co-ordinator

NEW: Young Carers

Is your child a Young Carer?

We have an all-inclusive group that meets monthly, in year group bubbles, to provide support, help and advice for anyone that needs it. Please contact Mrs Barker in the Medical Room for further information.

NEW: Launch of the Emerging William Clift Academy Facebook group for parents and students of Year 10 and 11

Following our successful launch to parents/carers of year 11 last week we are now open to Year 10 students and parents. Year 11 parents who might have missed this can still join!

As part of our aspirations focus we have launched our 2020-2021 FB group. Please follow the link below and sign up for details and posts of subject specific and targeted activities and opportunities. This is a closed group and you will be asked for details of the student name and D.o.B for access. Please also encourage your child to regularly check their college email as this is key to quick communication, especially in the current circumstances. Y10 parents/students will also be sent an email with further details about this.

Information for younger students and their families will be notified after half term. Any questions please contact Ms Devine