PSHE had a complete renovation at the start of 2016-7. Merging the content into RE lessons and tutor time/ assemblies. It is classroom driven, with objectives and bookwork, and closely follows the government guidelines for content. PSHE lessons are accessible for all teachers and have very clear content to be covered by specialists and tutors. Therefore it is taken seriously as an academic discipline at Bodmin College. All lessons have aims and objectives, and tasks for students to get involved with, ensuring the content is taught well and with sensitivity.

PSHE / citizenship is linked with the bi-annual homeless sleepover Charity event. One of the biggest charity events at Bodmin College, and still growing. To date it has raised over £8000 for the Samaritans and St Petroc’s homeless shelter.

Beyond the classroom a number of guests are invited into Bodmin College to give assemblies or discuss their particular area of expertise. Year 7 are invited yearly to a dramatic performance about the dangers of alcohol. In year 10 a day is set aside for a government accredited charity. "CLEAR enables children and young people having experienced an abusive relationship(s) to flourish within a therapeutic setting". CLEAR is an accredited BACP service and adheres to the BACP Ethical Framework for good practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Healthcare Professions Council. They run workshops for year 10 to discuss the dangers of sexting, toxic relationships and mental health. ‘Invictus’ who are involved in teenage mental health speak to the students through assemblies.


Year 7 and Year 8

The RE/PSHE team of teachers have 3 very comprehensive power-points to cover in year 7 which flow into year 8. Taught by specialist teachers in lesson time.

Healthy food, Smoking, Alcohol and Puberty are the four topics. Hi-lighting dangers, effects and physical health. The puberty lesson covers a wide range of discussion from sex, general physical maintenance, to general body upkeep. Preparing students for puberty and to acknowledge their own body health. The food lesson covers what healthy food is, what a calorie is, how to read the labels on packaging, etc. Every lesson is taught with discussion, tasks, tests and objectives.

Year 8 then expands with lessons on Relationships & Feelings, covering teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and Sexual relations – Concept and law of Consent.


Year 9 & Year 10

The Summer term is the transition from year 10 into year 11. There are x2 lessons for year 10 tutors to go through with the students during tutor time, which are linked to the tutor program. They are focused on British culture.

Year 10 tutor time on discrimination in society and on social media. Includes Trolley problem and Doll test, hi-lighting that we are all fundamentally prejudice.
Also a separate lesson focussing on what prejudice is?, tolerance & respect. Hi-lighting British Values and how Britain is a multicultural country?

In the classroom there are lessons on sexual health and body image including STD’s, contraception and general body awareness. Alongside this there are two lessons which are textbook based, with topics including the law, and being sexually aware.

Year 11

In year 11 there are 5 PSHE lessons on British Citizenship available for tutors throughout the year and are embedded into the tutor time program of study.

They are comprehensive lessons designed to encourage year 11 to talk about the world they live in and discuss their opinions. The focus in year 11 being national politics and human rights.

Topics such as refugees vs immigrants, national politics, literacy with how a country is ruled, The law on terrorism and the freedom of information act. All are studied using comprehensive lessons designed for discussion and self reflection.