Photography and the Digital Arts



GCSE Photography and the Digital Arts

The rapid evolution of digital technologies has put Photography and the Digital Arts at the centre of emerging practices in the creative Industries. This course is aimed at students who wish to develop skills in digital art, design, photography, and video. The course takes place in our dedicated Digital Media Centre and is suitable for students who:

  • Have a passion for creative technology.
  • Create images and want to explore new forms of image creation.
  • Are keen to pursue a career in film-making, media production and computing.
  • Want to develop a career in graphics and communication design.
  • Are artists wishing to embrace new digital tools for creation.
  • Are keen to develop a career in games design and related industries.
  • Write and are keen to explore creative digital output.

Component 1 (60%) is the portfolio where you will develop, explore and record your ideas. You will learn creative and transferable skills such as research, how to use relevant digital applications whilst developing your knowledge and understanding. You will have the opportunity to create a personal response to starting points which can be visual or written and you will work in a range of chosen traditional and digital media.

Component 2 (40%) is an early release paper from which you will be able to choose a starting point either visual or written to develop a response using the skills, knowledge and understanding you have gained through your course of study. You will be given a period of preparation then a 10 hour period of sustained focused study in which to realize your intentions.