Graphic Design

The focus of this subject is to develop creative and analytical skills to produce a range of responses to given briefs. Students will be actively encouraged to complete work using skills taught throughout the subject, developing an understanding of Design, Advertising and Packaging. Each project will focus on all aspects of the Creative Industries, from Digital and Printed Media using the Creative Suite for Mac, Learners will become efficient in their use of ICT, Photography and wider skills such as communication, Maths and English. Graphic Design is delivered using up-to-date software and with links to national projects and industry.



The focus in KS3 is to introduce learners to the idea of conveying a message through the use of words and images. Projects will focus on using the Creative Suite on Macs to produce a series of adverts to given briefs, working to constraints of a specification.

Year 8

The focus of this project is to explore meaning in design, focusing on the Constructivist style of the Russian Revolution, learners will produce a series of advertisements that use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Taking their own photographs in the studio learners will be encouraged to produce original material for their given brief.



BTEC Tech Award in Creative Design: Graphic Design

This qualification is designed for individuals who want to study Visual Communication in a hands on, practical way that helps them develop the knowledge, skills and experience that could open the door to a career in the digital design and marketing industry. Learners will carry out a number of bite-sized projects to demonstrate their competence in the 12 core skills, from Drawing, printed Design, Web Design, Image Capture and Photo manipulation. The new course is designed to be a direct replacement for the old GCSE but focuses on creativity and design with industry practices.


This subject is 60% coursework, consisting of a range of small projects and one major in which you will undertake a Controlled Assessment. During one major project you will be able to choose from a selection of briefs supplied by AQA. This includes researching the topic, designing and making a realistic graphical solution to a professional standard, finally, evaluating its success. The remaining 40% will be made up by a theoretical exam, which focuses on both your design skills and the theory behind commercial manufacturing.

Year 9

The first year of the course will introduce learners to a wide range of skills needed to complete small projects. Using the Adobe Creative Suite individuals are expected to produce a series of responses to a given brief, theory lessons will support knowledge based elements while independent study in the design and practical elements. Learners will also develop time management skills along with self discipline. Areas of study will include technical drawing, illustration, photography and model making. Using the creative adobe suite learners will use develop and techniques used in industry.

Year 10

Continuing their work from Year 9, learners will extend their knowledge of photography, image manipulation, web design and packaging design. The focus will work towards starting an extended project that will account for 60% of the overall qualification. This project will be selected from a list of options that will focus on one or more disciplines explored previously. Learners are required to produce a portfolio of work following their investigation into the brief, a final product will be made and presented which shows an appreciation of industry processes.

Year 11

The final year of study will conclude the extended project and focus on exam revision. Revisiting topics explored through lessons and coursework, revision will focus on specific knowledge needed for the final 40% exam. The exam will be multiple choice, with a large proportion being a designing task, this requires learners to produce a series of responses to a given brief and use a specification to present the best possible solution.



BTEC Level 3 Graphic Design

This Edexcel BTEC Level 3 will introduce you to the expansive world of Graphic Design and Illustration.

The course will encourage you to explore a range of graphic processes and introduce you to professional practice using industry standard software. Throughout your study, you will be challenged to create innovative designs to a high standard that will result in an exhibition at the end of year two.

The course can be taken as a Subsidiary Diploma, developed over two years; this is the equivalent of 1 A level. Alternatively, a Certificate can be achieved in one year during your time in Year 12.

BTEC Level 3 will also compliment other creative courses delivered across the College. You will create a fantastic portfolio of work which will be invaluable for future entry onto University courses.

Year 12

During the first year of this course you will explore three projects that includes creative advertising, book and editorial design and the application of graphics to point of sales and packaging.

Year 13

During the second year of this course you will explore three projects that includes exploring design history and branding. Your final investigation is a self driven project that requires you to write your own brief. Taking inspiration from previous projects this final unit should answer a question or give a solution to a design problem. You will be encouraged to use a wide range of media, and make links with external agencies where appropriate.