Business Studies

Being a fairly small department we get to share year groups, schemes of work and can keep our courses as up-to-date and as current as we feel fit. It enables us to react quickly to local news and that of an international standing that affects areas of business that we study. We strongly believe that to truly succeed in business studies you need to be involved in running a business start-up from scratch.



Due to the changes in the structures of GCSE’s we are currently looking at other exam boards and options for our KS4 students. We believe that Business Studies should be partly practical and not just exam based.

Year 9

Year 9 will take part in an overview into business, we also have an Apprentice TV scheme of work and the £10 challenge where students create companies and “try” to make money in small groups.

Year 10

Depending upon the course that is chosen we will start both the theory and practical work required for this course.

Year 11

We always aim to finish all practical assessment in the first part of this year enabling us to focus on any exam material in the run up to GCSE examinations.



There are currently 2 courses running for the different year groups, but as a department we are trying to find the best possible course for our students and to enable continuity from KS4 to KS5 and beyond.

Year 12

We are hoping to introduce a more practical course for the Year 12 students in September 2017, until this has been agreed by senior management we are keeping the detailed information a closely guarded secret.

Year 13

Our students are studying the AQA A-level in Business. It is an academic course and has detailed theory which our students absorb at a great rate. There are 3 parts to the A-level assessments which are all 2 hour exams. They have a mixture of the type of questions asked, they are introduced to a case study and their understanding is tested on said case study as well as all the theory previously taught.