Cornwall School Games - Virtual Games 2020

This year Cornwall School Games has gone virtual and runs from Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June 2020.

During this week sport-based challenges for all children of all abilities in Cornwall, from reception through to year 10, can be taken part in using the links below and vias the Cornwall School Games Facebook page @CornwallSchoolGames

By getting involved in this year's Games you will have the chance to learn something new, connect with your friends from school and your family, get physically active and give some of your time to gain points for your school.

We also hope that you will feel positive by the end of the week, supporting you towards your #5waystowellbeing.

Date Time Event
Monday 22/06/2020 10am Opening Ceremony Video and Athletics challenges and Making Up The Miles Day 1 begin
12pm 5 Ways To Wellbeing – Keep Learning Video released
Tuesday 23/06/2020 9am Deadline for Athletics and Making Up the Miles results
10am Bowls and Boccia challenges begin, Making Up The Miles Day 2 
12pm 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Get Active Video released 
Wednesday 24/06/2020 9am Deadline for Bowls, Boccia and Making Up the Miles results 
10am Dance and Gymnastics Challenges begin, Making Up The Miles Day 3
12pm 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Connect Video released 
Thursday 25/06/2020 9am Deadline for Dance, Gymnastics and Making Up The Miles results
10am Ball Skills challenges begin, Making Up The Miles Day 4 
12pm 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Give video released 
Friday 26/06/2020 9am Deadline for Balls Skills and Making Up The Miles results
10am Tennis challenges begin, Making Up The Miles Day 5 
11am 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Take Notice video released 
12pm Athletics results announced 
1pm Bowls and Boccia results announced 
2pm Gymnastics and Dance results announced 
3pm Ball Skills results announced 
4pm Deadline for Tennis and Making Up The Miles Day 5 results 
4pm Cultural Games results announced 
5pm Tennis results announced 
5.30pm Making Up The Miles results Announced
6pm Overall Gold, Silver, Bronze School Winners announced and Closing Ceremony video released

All Week - 22/06/2020-26/06/2020

Making up the Miles

Making up the Miles


Click the appropriate days results link.

Monday - 22/06/2020


Speed Bounce

Standing High Jump

Standing Long Jump

Mondays Results

Tuesday - 23/06/2020

Bowls / Boccia

Knock 'em Down

The Target

Tuesdays Results

Wednesday - 24/06/2020

Dance / Gymnastics

Hip Hop

A Sequence

Wednesdays Results

Thursday - 25/06/2020


The Serve

Hot Potato

Flick and Catch

Thursdays Results

Friday - 26/06/2020


Continuous Rally

Continuous Volley

Target Shooting

Fridays Results