Parents/carers: Important information and frequently asked questions

As you can imagine, we are receiving a lot of questions from parents/carers at this time. We have done our best to compile some of the most frequent enquiries we have received from parents/carers as follows, as we may be unable to respond to your questions individually at this time. This will be updated daily for as long as we are able.

The government has also put together some information specifically for parents/carers which you may find helpful:


Where can I seek further support for myself and my family during this time? (Updated 10/7/2020)

There are a number of organisations, both locally and nationally, who may be able to offer support in a range of situations. This is not an exhaustive list, but you may find some of these contact details useful.

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours:

8am to 6pm – Monday to Friday
10am to 4pm – Saturday and Sunday

For students, there is also the college student support email which is being monitored by pastoral staff daily:

My child is concerned about their BTEC subjects (Years 9-13 only). What can they do? (Added 3/7/2020)

The awarding body (Pearson) for BTEC subjects have put together some FAQs for students who are concerned about their BTEC qualifications. These can be accessed here: As with GCSE/A-level subjects, BTECs will still to be awarded this year for Year 11 and 13 students, based on a combination of the units already completed and teacher forecasts for units that have not been completed due to school closure. For students in Years 10 and 12, a similar process of predicting outcomes has also been completed for units that have not been able to be completed and these will count towards the full qualification that students will complete next year. Students can also contact their teachers if they have any specific questions about work related to their BTEC subjects.

Will students be able to collect their GCSE/BTEC/A-level results? (Added 3/7/2020)

We are currently planning how our A-level and GCSE results days will run considering social distancing and minimising any risks to staff, students and families. However, our intention is to ensure that results will be available for students to collect on Thurs 13th August (A-level) and Thurs 20th August (GCSE). Further details about staggered timings and locations will be communicated in due course. If a student is unable to collect their results, we will send them by post after results day.

For Year 11 students, Records of Achievement and leavers’ hoodies (if already purchased) will also be available to collect on GCSE results day.

Will all students be returning to school in September? (Updated 3/7/2020)

Based on further government guidance, we are in the process of planning for full reopening to all students in September. Further detailed information will be issued to parents/carers in due course, to contain guidance regarding timings of the college day, school transport, attendance, uniform, the curriculum, and any provisions for additional support for students returning to school. Please rest assured that we will continue to prioritise the health and well-being of our students, staff and their families and seek to facilitate a safe and happy return to school for all.

I have a son/daughter in Year 6. Will there be a transition day? (Updated 3/7/2020)

Due to current circumstances, unfortunately we are unable to run the Year 6 transition day as we usually would. However, Year 6 students will be able to view a virtual tour of the school and ‘meet’ their Head of Year/Year 7 tutors through videos which will be uploaded onto the website during the week that Year 6 transition days would usually have taken place (week beginning Mon 6th July).

Can my child still access a free school meal whilst school is closed? (Updated 3/7/2020)

Yes. The government have announced a weekly food voucher scheme for free school meals which can be redeemed at local supermarkets. These vouchers will be emailed or, where parents/carers don’t have email, posted out to eligible families each week.

During the summer holidays, parents will receive a single voucher for the whole duration of the summer holiday period. Further details about this will be emailed to parents/carers of students who are eligible.

When will Year 8 students find out their Options choices for next year? (Updated 3/7/2020)

Confirmation of students’ allocated Options subjects for next year have now been posted to parents. We would still encourage Year 8 students to continue accessing remote learning for all of their subjects, including those they no longer wish to pursue in Year 9, in order to experience the benefits of a broad and balanced curriculum. If a student has a concern about their allocated choices, please rest assured that they will be given chance to raise this at the earliest opportunity upon returning to school.

Will my child/children be able to return to school if I am returning to work? (Added 19/6/2020)

Our provision for children of key workers is currently running at full capacity. We are operating a waiting list system and taking bookings through the ‘contact us’ section of the college website. We appreciate that many parents are now returning to work but we are unable to guarantee places in school for students unless parents are fulfilling essential key worker roles and if space allows.

How can we contact staff in college if we need to? (Added 19/6/2020)

The best way to communicate with the college at this time is to use the ‘contact us’ form on the website as this is monitored daily and queries can be forwarded on to relevant staff as required. Similarly, parents/carers are welcome to contact staff directly by email as appropriate, but please be aware that staff are receiving a high volume of emails and may not be able to respond immediately. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we now have a member of our admin team available to take telephone calls in reception from 10am-12pm, but due to this limited staffing we still cannot guarantee being able to take your call at this time. Reception remains closed to the public. Parents/carers should only come into reception if pre-arranged.

Can I claim back money paid for trips and activities which are no longer taking place? (Updated 21/5/2020)

The majority of trips and visits have now been cancelled and refund forms have been posted to parents/carers, using the registered addresses we hold for students. A box has been set up in the college foyer for return of these forms. If you have not received a refund form, please email the college finance office:

If my child is in Year 11 or Year 13, do they need to continue completing work? (Updated 14/5/2020)

There is no requirement for students to submit additional work in order for teachers to make judgements about what grades will be awarded. If there is a non-exam assessment or a coursework element which students would like to complete, or where students intend to continue their study in that subject in the future, we would recommend that students do so, but not doing so will not disadvantage any student in terms of judgements made to award grades. We would encourage all students to consider the benefits of continuing to develop essential knowledge and skills for the future, regardless of examination outcomes.

Looking to the future, a letter has been sent to all Year 11 students from Mr Crane issuing details regarding pre-course activities for Sixth Form study.  These transition resources give students an opportunity to begin exploring some of the courses they may wish to pursue next year and can be accessed here:

For Year 13 students preparing for university, training or employment, many individual universities, colleges and training providers are publishing information about how students can start to prepare for progression and we would advise students to start investigating this based on their chosen pathways for next year. We would also recommend following the BC Sixth Form and William Clift Academy pages on Facebook, where students will see regular links to advice and information to support their next steps. Additionally, up until the 29th May, there will be subject specific enrichment opportunities available to students through SMHW and Sixth Form staff will continue to be available to respond to any questions or concerns beyond this date.  The government have also launched an online learning platform to boost workplace skills, offering courses on everyday maths and using technology, which may be useful for some students considering progression to employment:

Where can I access all of the key documents and information for parents/carers? (Added 23/04/2020)

There is now a dedicated page on the college website where all the key information and updates for parents/carers can be found in one place. This can be accessed by following the link on the college homepage or here: Here you will find advice and guidance to support every aspect of learning and wellbeing during the current school closure period. Additionally, these FAQs are being updated regularly and provide a summary of essential information as it becomes available.

Where can I find advice about supporting my child with their mental health? (Updated 16/4/2020)

We know that these are challenging and stressful times and it is important to take care of your family’s mental health and wellbeing. There are lots of things you can do and a good place to start is which offers advice to parents of children from 0-19 on a range of issues, such as anxiety, behaviour and finances. The government have also released guidance for supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing:

Can I claim back money paid for trips and activities which are no longer taking place? (Updated 16/4/2020)

We are starting to receive responses from our trip insurance companies and providers to establish the best ways to negotiate refunds. This means that we will hopefully be in touch with individuals affected very shortly. As you can imagine, these companies are experiencing a high number of enquiries currently and we will continue to work on your behalf to ensure financial reimbursement where possible. The government has also promised funds for schools to cover costs incurred, however full details of how this will work are still yet to be finalised. We appreciate that this is a worrying time financially for many families and thank you for your patience in knowing that trip leaders will contact you with further information as soon as they are able.

How will my child’s GCSE, BTEC or A-level grades be calculated? (Updated 3/4/2020)

The government has released further guidance about how qualifications will be awarded following the announcement that all exams have been cancelled for this year. Schools will be asked to make grade assessments and to rank order students using a range of attainment evidence. Further information for students and parents can be found here:

Will my child still get a place in the Sixth Form? (Updated 3/4/2020)

Yes. Mr Crane (Head of Sixth Form) has written to students assuring them that there will be an opportunity for all Year 11 students to access a place in the Sixth Form. We will continue to support all our Year 11 students in ensuring that they are enrolled on the right courses for them, and we would advise that students use this time to start to research the knowledge and skills required for the courses they are interested in studying. We will be in contact soon with more information regarding this.

How do I know if my child is classified as a ‘vulnerable child’?

Students classified as ‘vulnerable’ according to government guidance, include those students with an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan), those who have an allocated social worker, young carers, and those on child protection plans. If we believe that your child meets these criteria, we will already have contacted you about whether they will be continuing to attend school.

Can Year 10/12 students come in for longer than an hour? (Added 26/6/2020)

We really wish we could offer our students longer. We looked at many different options trying to offer a full day or half day but based around government guidance to schools and with so many students to accommodate in Years 10/12, our ARB, our  key worker/vulnerable student provision and through our remote learning provision, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to facilitate more than an hour. In order to enable a safe return to college, with social distancing and reduced student group sizes, this inevitably increases the staffing required and our provision is based around all these factors. However, based on our experiences of seeing Year 10 and 12 students this week, the hour-long sessions have been well-received and provided a really positive opportunity for providing support for the students.

Will social distancing measures in school be changing as a result of measures being eased nationally? (Added 26/6/2020)

We are closely following updates from the government regarding recent announcements surrounding changes to social distancing advice. As it stands, the guidance still promotes 2m distancing where possible and at present we are continuing to implement this.

Is my child’s attendance compulsory? (Updated 19/6/2020)

No. Attendance at Phase 2 and Phase 3 sessions remains a parent choice and there will be no consequences in regards to attendance if you choose not to send your child in. We remain committed to the safety and well-being of students, staff and families and will respect the decisions you make, knowing that everyone’s circumstances will be unique. We are aware that a number of parents have already informed the school either via email or during the tutor phone call that they will not be sending their child in for these sessions. Please be aware that you will still receive an automated ‘truancy’ call on the days when sessions are running. This is a safeguarding measure in the event that a student does not arrive whose parents/carers believe them to be in school.

Can we still purchase GCSE revision guides through the college online shop? (Added 19/6/2020)

At present, we are unable to facilitate the purchase and delivery of revision guides through our online shop. However, we have compiled a list of suggested revision guides and alternative online retailers who stock them should parents/carers wish to pursue this independently. This can be found on the college website.

Will Year 10 and Year 12 students be returning to school? (Updated 12/6/2020)

The government has prioritised students who are moving towards examination years for the first phase of returning to school. They have outlined that Year 10 and 12 students may be able to receive some face-to-face support to supplement their remote learning in preparation for examinations next year. At this stage, they are not expecting Year 10 and 12 students to return on a full-time basis. Further details regarding our Y10/12 phased provision have be sent to parents/carers already. Students have been invited to attend sessions from Tues 23rd June for Year 12 and from Thurs 25th June for Year 10. Details about exactly when and where students should arrive are in the parent/carer letter. Please rest assured that safety, health and wellbeing continue to be our highest priority whilst supporting your child’s education in the best way possible moving forward.

Will there be catch-up sessions running for students to complete missed work? (Added 12/6/2020)

No. At this stage, we are working on the phased return of Year 10/12 students  before the Summer and will use this as an opportunity to inform our approaches with these key year groups for when they are able to return to school fully. We are committed to ensuring that these students will not be disadvantaged and will continue to put any supportive measures in place as required.

Will there be changes to my child’s tutor group (Year 10 only)? (Added 12/6/2020)

No. Year 10 students may be aware that, historically, Year 10 tutor groups have moved into Year 11 Success Groups at the end of the Summer term. However, we believe that it is important at this time to maintain consistency for our students and therefore students will remain in their current tutor groups this term. Miss Pavey, Head of Year 11, will make contact with Year 10 students before the end of term about their transition to Year 11 .

Will students be able to attend school in friendship groups? (Added 12/6/2020)

Unfortunately, the school is not able to create groups of 8 that are based on friendship groups for a number of pastoral and administrative reasons. We would not be able to guarantee that all students would be able to be with the friends they have requested (and gathering and organising this information would take a lot of time). This could lead to situations where some students would feel upset or left out of certain groups. Equally, some students may request to be with people who have not done so reciprocally. These situations would likely cause stress and anxiety and we want to be avoid this. The purpose of the phased return is to allow staff and students to meet face-to-face for a dialogue to support their remote learning. While we understand that some students may feel more comfortable doing this with their closer friends, the time available for socialising with friends will be minimal and is not the focus of the sessions at this point.

Will my child miss out/ fall behind if they don’t attend? (Added 5/6/2020)

No. The purpose of the phased return is to provide students with the pastoral and/or academic support they might need to supplement their engagement with the remote learning tasks being set for all students. These sessions will give students an opportunity for distanced social interaction with peers and supportive face-to-face discussions with pastoral and subject staff, but non-attendance will not result in students falling behind, as long as students continue to access remote learning where possible.

What measures are in place to ensure social distancing and to increase hygiene? (Added 5/6/2020)

We have implemented the following protection measures to minimise the chance of infection:

  • 2m spacing at all entrances.
  • Maximum of 8 students at each entrance and in each classroom at any one time.
  • Staggered start times to ensure this.
  • Classrooms have been arranged with 8 desks spaced in at least 2m bubbles.
  • Minimising of mixing by using ¼ of a Tutor Group and a single one-hour session.
  • Sanitising or hand-washing facilities to be used at each entrance.
  • Desks, chairs and surfaces are minimal and cleaned thoroughly between sessions.
  • Tissues and bins available for ‘catch-it, bin-it, kill-it’.
  • One-way contraflow system to prevent passing in corridors.
  • Pastoral support team on hand to support and reassure students.

 Will my child need to wear school uniform (Year 10 only)? (Added 5/6/2020)

No. However, we would ask that they are dressed appropriately for school and that clothes are easy to clean once worn.

Will school buses/taxis be running? (Added 5/6/2020)

No. Students travelling to school will need to walk, cycle or be transported by car. Students should not share transport with other families. We would discourage public transport if possible but if this is your only option, we would advise reading the guidance here:

Please ensure that your child respects social distancing rules on the journey to and from school. We will be unable to accommodate students who arrive in groups not adhering to the 2m distance.

What will my child need to bring with them? (Added 5/6/2020)

We would recommend that students bring their own equipment (pen/pencil/ruler/planner). Students may also bring a bottle of water (already filled) but will not be able to access the water fountains for refills whilst in school.

Will school staff be wearing PPE? (Added 5/6/2020)

In line with government guidance, steps taken to ensure social distancing will mean that staff will not be working within 2m of students and therefore not wearing PPE.

PPE (gloves, facemasks, visors and aprons) will be available for staff to wear should a child require first aid, intimate personal care, or become unwell whilst at school.

Can my child wear their own PPE? (Added 5/6/2020)

In line with government guidance which suggests that children and young people do not need to wear PPE in a school setting where 2m distancing is maintained, we would ask that students do not wear their own PPE in school. PPE used incorrectly can increase the risk of infection. Students travelling on public transport should follow advice regarding PPE as mentioned above.

Will provision still be available for vulnerable students and children of keyworkers in Year 10/12? (Added 5/6/2020)

Yes. Provision for vulnerable and keyworker children will continue to run through the usual booking system. If your child is in Year 10/12 and has been accessing this, they will still be able to do so, where needed, alongside the phased return for Year 10/12 students. Places are extremely limited.

When will remote learning come to an end for the Summer? (Added 10/7/2020)

Staff will no longer continue to set remote learning activities through SMHW after Friday 17th July. Students however will still be able to access previous tasks set on SMHW and are free to continue with activities over the Summer holidays if they should wish. Please be aware that staff will not be available to provide feedback or guidance via SMHW through the holidays.

Is there any possibility of live or video recorded lessons online? (Updated 3/7/2020)

As you may be aware, our IT team have been working hard to launch MS Teams. We are now in a position to start to incorporate pre-recorded episodes (Years 7-10) and live online sessions (Year 12) in our remote learning offer. Further guidance to students and parents about these opportunities, which will be in place to supplement our current remote learning provision, has been communicated.

What if my child has limited access to technology and/or is struggling to work on a mobile phone? (Added 26/6/2020)

We are aware that not all students have access to the technology and equipment which they may need to easily access the remote learning resources being set. We are now in a position to be able to offer printed work packs to be sent home to some students, if their Head of Year is made aware. Additionally, we understand that some students are finding it difficult using only a mobile phone to complete remote learning tasks. As a result, we have investigated a range of hardware which is available to purchase through various retailers for use alongside a mobile device which may make accessibility easier. This guidance can be found in the parent information area on the website.

Does my child need to complete work on SMHW during May half term? (Added 21/5/2020)

No. Remote learning via SMHW will only be set during term-time. However, a suggested list of enrichment activities will be sent to all parents to provide some ideas and suggestions for the holiday. Remote learning will resume on Monday 1st June.

Does my child need to complete everything set on SMHW? (Updated 7/5/2020)

No. We know that during this unprecedented time, families will be facing their own difficulties and managing remote learning can be challenging. Our primary aim is to support our students and families and ensure that you have access to all the resources you need. We are aware that the notifications that are issued by SMHW can make students and parents feel under pressure to complete remote learning tasks to deadlines and we are working with our staff and with SMHW to address this. How much each student is able to complete will depend on your family’s personal circumstances and we leave that to your judgement. Detailed guidance about managing remote learning can be found on the college website.

What does my child need to do to upload their work onto SMHW? (Updated 7/5/2020)

Students have been emailed a link (see below) to a tutorial showing how tasks can be completed directly on SMHW using the word processing tool or uploaded from their saved documents, Dropbox or Google Drive. This also includes instructions about how work can be uploaded through the SMHW mobile app.

If a resource is in PDF format, it might be the case that you do not have the software to enable editing of the document, in which case, please encourage your child to complete the work in a Word document or to take a photograph of a handwritten response, which can then be uploaded as outlined above.

How can I ensure my child is safe online? (Updated 30/4/2020)

The government have released an update for parents with advice on keeping their children safe online.

There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:

  • Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Net-aware (support for parents and carers from the NSPCC)

Additionally, there is some guidance here for parents about ensuring that children are safe using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Houseparty etc. for social networking.

What will remote learning involve for my child? (Added 23/4/2020)

Our staff aim to ensure a variety of learning activities are available that can take place at home and, where possible, will provide project-based alternatives that are not dominated by technology and allow for flexible learning.  These tasks will be set on SMHW in line with your child’s usual school timetable during term time.  Full guidance about remote learning can be found on the college website.

What is Satchel One? (Added 23/04/2020)

Satchel One is the parent company of Show My Homework. When students log on to SMHW on a computer, they may notice that the website they are taken to is actually called Satchel One. Students who access SMHW via the SMHW app on a smartphone or tablet will find that there will be an update to the name of the app at the beginning of May, which also will then be called Satchel One. SMHW will continue to function through this app in exactly the same way.

What happens if my child has issues with their SMHW or RM Portico log-in? (Updated 23/4/2020)

We have a computer support helpdesk available which students can email directly to contact our IT technicians who will do their best to resolve any problems with SMHW and RM Portico access. In this event, students should email: There is guidance on SMHW for all students regarding how to access RM Portico, college email and Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Once logged in, the SMHW website also provides a helpdesk and online chat support for parents and students:

Can my child borrow a laptop or tablet from school in order to access remote learning? (Added 16/4/2020)

We are aware that not all students have access to the technology and equipment which they may need to easily access the remote learning resources being set. Unfortunately, we do not have enough laptops/tablets to loan out to students in this position. We are aware that the Department for Education are discussing grants for parents to enable access to technology and as soon as we receive any news on this, we will let parents know.

Can lesson resources be emailed to students instead of using SMHW? (Updated 26/3/2020)

No. SMHW offers staff and students a single platform for online learning where staff can:

  • upload resources
  • set quizzes/spelling tests
  • attach links to websites, video tutorials etc.
  • assess and provide feedback on student work

In return, students can:

  • download and edit documents
  • upload their work
  • ask questions and make comments which their teacher will see

Many staff teach hundreds of students each week and SMHW organises responses on a class by class basis, making this far more manageable than a busy email inbox, where student responses could be missed. Furthermore, please be aware that a number of teachers will be working from home during this period of time, with their own health considerations and childcare commitments, and that they will do their best to respond to students as regularly as possible.

Only where absolutely necessary, students can use email to contact teachers but this should be avoided if SMHW can be used instead. Where students do use email, they should use their school email account (not a personal account), and it would be helpful if they could include their full name to make it easier for teachers to identify who the email is from. A list of staff email addresses has been emailed out to students.

Will my child be set homework in addition to daily lesson tasks? (Added 24/3/2020)

No. Students will not be set separate homework tasks, however we would encourage students to revisit the work they have completed already to respond to teacher’s comments and to make improvements. Work submitted to staff will be marked and feedback provided once every two weeks. We would also recommend that students undertake any wider reading/research that will support their understanding of topics they are studying and/or read for pleasure for at least 15 minutes per day.

Will lessons continue to be set on SMHW during the Easter holidays? (Added 24/3/2020)

No. Remote learning via SMHW will only be set during term-time. However, a suggested list of enrichment activities will be sent to all parents to provide some ideas and suggestions for the holidays.

Can my child collect their books and resources from school if they were absent when school was open? (Updated 23/3/2020)

No. In light of continued government guidance regarding social distancing, we feel it is no longer appropriate for books/resources to be collected from school. The government have advised essential travel only. In exceptional circumstances only, we may be able to deliver books but this will be a limited service due to the demands on our reduced staff workforce. Most students should be able to continue to access online learning without needing their exercise books or other paper resources.

Unless parents’ work is critical to the Covid-19 response and there is no other childcare alternative, please ensure that your child is kept at home.

When will in-school provision for vulnerable children and children of keyworkers end? (Added 10/7/2020)

The last day for in-school provision for vulnerable and keyworker children will be Friday 17th July. This is to enable staff to have two planning days at the end of term to prepare for September.

Will social distancing measures in school be changing as a result of measures being eased nationally? (Added 26/6/2020)

We are closely following updates from the government regarding recent announcements surrounding changes to social distancing advice. As it stands, the guidance still promotes 2m distancing where possible and at present we are continuing to implement this.

What measures are being put in place to increase hygiene and encourage social distancing in school? (Added 23/3/2020)

Students continuing to attend school will:

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds at the start and end of each session and whenever necessary
  • Reduce contact with shared surfaces and surfaces will be cleaned between use (alcohol spray available in all rooms)
  • Use the same PC/equipment each day where necessary
  • Be reminded not to touch their faces
  • Be encouraged to keep a 2m distance where possible, including in classrooms and when queuing for food etc.
  • Report any student that they believe should not be in school
  • Be encouraged to change clothes when returning home from school

Furthermore, the thumbprint terminals in the canteen are switched off and students will simply give their name when purchasing food.

Can my child still attend school during the Easter holidays? (Added 26/3/2020)

Yes. If your child has been attending school due to parents working in key worker roles or due to their status as a vulnerable student, then we will contact you directly to arrange childcare places during the Easter holidays, as required. If your child can be kept at home and alternative arrangements can be made, we continue to urge you to do so.

Does my child need to wear their school uniform?

From Monday 23rd March, we will not expect students to attend college in their school uniform. We would still ask however that students are dressed appropriately for school. Additionally, there will be enrichment activities and opportunities taking place where it would be sensible for students to bring PE kit and a set of old clothes/footwear to change into.

Will school buses and taxis still run?

No. Until further notice, students who use school transport to travel to and from college will need to walk, cycle or be dropped at school by car.

Will the canteen still be open?

Yes. A selection of hot and cold foods will still be available at break and lunchtime in Robartes Canteen.

Will my child’s timetable be the same?

Yes. As closely as possible, students attending college will complete learning for the same subjects which are usually timetabled for them on that day and so students should be prepared with the appropriate equipment/books for their usual subjects.

However, the timings and locations of the lessons will differ from their current timetable and additional enrichment activities will also be built into the college day.

The government has also put together some information which you may find helpful:

General information for parents and carers about the wider opening of nurseries, schools and colleges, transport, attendance, free school meals and remote education.

Guidance for keyworkers about educational provision:

Online education resources for home learning:

Support with online safety:

Support for mental health and well-being:

Information about awarding qualifications (GCSE/A-level/BTEC etc):

Information about protective measures in educational settings:

NHS Test and Trace service:

Taking public transport (added 19/6/2020) children safe from abuse or harm (added 3/7/2020):

Information related to return to school in September (added 10/7/2020):