Following on from the success of last year we are again able to offer all of year 11 an amazing opportunity to work with MADE, a motivation and training organisation that work with many organisations and Schools Nationally. On Thursday 17th January 2019, all of year 11 will have a workshop called ‘Exams Made Easy’ which aims to focus and engage students in exam preparation, revision techniques and memory skills.

We would like to invite parents to attend an evening session at 6 p.m.-7p.m to hear what the students have done and how as parents you can support revision at home in order to achieve maximum exam success for the student. As this is funded through the Next Steps South West initiative the event is free. You can use the ticketsource link below to book your tickets:

We hope you will discuss this with your child and welcome any feedback.

Please contact Ms Devine, Next Steps In School Cordinator if you have any questions email: