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A Student’s Journey Through Bodmin College

Year 6

During your last term at Primary School you spend a day at Bodmin College to see what the place is like and to try a range of lessons and fun activities. You and your parents are also invited to an introductory evening in July.  Your parents can also make an  appointment to see us at other times.

Years 7 & 8

On the first day you will join the other pupils who are in your tutor group, and you should find your old friends there.  You are also given a Planner so that you can keep a record of when your lessons are, when school clubs meet, when homework is due, and so on. The planner contains lots of other useful information.  After that you are shown around the College to remind you of where things are.

During Years 7 & 8 you try a lot of new activities and learn many new things in a wide range of subjects. Your teachers will let you know how you are doing and will help you in whatever way they can so that you can become even better.

Years 9 to 11

There are some lessons that you have to do up to the end of Year 11, but by Year 9 you will start to specialise in some of the subjects at which you are better.
Some pupils may have an idea what they might like to do later in life, and so can choose subjects that will help prepare for further study or a particular job.

Years 12 & 13

You may decide to leave College at the end of Year 11, but you can stay and learn more skills and gain more qualifications, which can help towards a better job or a place at a university.

All Through College

There are a wide range of clubs and activities in which you can take part, from being part of the Student Council to training for the Ten Tors expedition on Dartmoor, from dance or the drama studio Technical Club to running a business, from a wide range of sports to playing in the Jazz Orchestra.