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Longitude Explorer Competition

We recently entered several teams into the Nesta IBM Longitude Explorer competition. The competition brief was to design a system for the Internet of Things that would help people with health issues. The Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the latest technological breakthroughs whereby everyday items communicate with each other without human intervention so that many processes become automated. This can save time, money and be beneficial to the environment.

One of our teams (team GLAT – Liam, Goncalo, Thomas and Aidan) has been selected as one of only 10 UK finalists in this competition. Their idea was a wristband for those people who suffer from panic attacks. It senses the person’s mood and triggers other devices such as a music player or lights to switch on or off in order to help calm them before an attack escalates.

The team were invited to IBM headquarters in London for an all-expenses paid experience to see how they can develop their idea further. The winning team that have the most successful project will win £10,000 for their school.

Team GLAT have been allocated an IBM Engineer and an IBM Business Analyst to work with them in order to develop the idea and since then the team have worked hard on all aspects of the project from software engineering and electronics to media and advertising.

They will return to London on the 13th July for the final challenge of pitching the whole project to a panel of experts. Good luck team GLAT!!