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Introducing Aspens – Our New Catering Team

Members of the Bodmin College Student Council were given the most rarest of opportunities, eating food for free! We were invited to attend a food tasting session to provide the students viewpoint and judgement on two potential catering providers who were duelling to win Bodmin College’s catering contract.

On walking into the venue, we were hit by a wall of mouth-watering aromas. Our empty tummies began to groan in anticipation. We split into two teams so that each potential provider had a fair chance to make a good first impression and we didn’t all fill ourselves up on the first samples before moving on.

Both providers presented appealing and appetizing food, but food wasn’t the whole package that was presented to us. We were also informed about the possibilities of a cashless payment system, outdoor food stations and environmental consciousness. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The competing caterers failed to bribe us with goody bags. Instead they charmed us with colourful food full of flavour, a range of textures and dishes to excite the taste buds. There were a selection of hot and cold dishes (sit down and takeaway options), modern and classic British dishes, freshly baked breads, flavoured fresh water and desserts on offer to try. Thankfully we didn’t just enjoy eating but actually quite liked exploring the techniques and presentation that the rivalling businesses used to get us.

We are pleased to announce that Aspens has won the contract and will very shortly be providing Bodmin College with scrumptious delights. They impressed us with their professional and friendly manner towards the students and staff at Bodmin College, the spread of yummy food suited for smaller budgets and unique hot meals that suit larger budgets. Furthermore, they have an interest in being eco-friendly and using British produce. For example, the Grab and Go menu options mean that pupils can try a variety of different foods such as pasta, cous cous, noodle and salad pots, in an affordable way because the containers come in 3 different sizes to suit budgets. The Grab and Go containers are not as they appear at first glance, basic plastic pots, but are compostable containers, along with the ‘plastic’ cutlery made from cornstarch. The company also showed us how they have got students in other schools involved in food related activities, for example designing posters for the canteens and helping with young chef competitions.

To conclude, we believe Aspens are a good company not only because of the food but also because they care for the environment and also us.

Further details about Aspens can be found in the via the links below: