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Bodmin College – An Outstanding College!

Bodmin College underwent a section 5 OFSTED inspection on the 9th and 10 June 2010 which resulted in the school being awarded an OUTSTANDING school status.

Following publication of the report Principal Bob Mitchell said

We are delighted that the College has been awarded “Outstanding” by Ofsted during a recent Section 5 inspection. “Outstanding” is currently achieved by only 8% of secondary schools across the country, placing Bodmin College at the forefront of high performing schools.

This judgement is an accumulation of many years of hard work by staff and students, together with significant support from Governors and parents. The report stands as a recognition regarding the quality of education throughout the College. We are extremely pleased that the Inspectors found that “the curriculum is outstanding and fully meets the needs of all students who, throughout the College, receive excellent care, support and guidance”.

This report says much about the College but also about the young people of Bodmin and its community. We very much hope that everyone will feel a sense of pride in this achievement.

We now look forward to the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, our aim being to remain an “Outstanding” school and to continue to improve.

Thank you for your continued support.

R Mitchell, Principal

You can read the report here and the Bodmin College Press Release here.

The main findings were as follows:

  • Students enjoy college and relationships between students and adults are excellent.
  • All groups of students make good progress and achieve well.
  • OFSTED were particularly impressed by the quality of work in the arts, science and vocational courses.Leadership and management of the sixth form are excellent.
  • Sixth formers achieve well while at the same time contributing effectively as leaders within the main college.
  • Teaching is good; a significant number of lessons observed were outstanding.
  • Choices within the excellent curriculum are flexible, meet students personal needs and are added to by additional experiences such as the Jazz band trip to the USA, the sports academy and a very wide choice of extra-curricular activities.
  • The outstanding care, guidance and support provided by the college allow students to flourish as learners and develop high levels of independence