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Public Services

Ever thought of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Ambulance Service, Customs or even Prison Service as a potential career? Well if you haven’t then maybe you should have!

This course works to give students an overview of employment in the Uniformed Public Services and help to prepare them for that career. Lessons can be tough with multi-day walks and all day climbing lessons. Teamwork skills and leadership will be taught and tested. When the hard work is over there will be assignments to type and research to be done.

  • You should have an interest in joining a uniformed public service
  • You should be willing to work hard to achieve
  • The usual requirement is 5 GCSE’s at A* – C including English but allowances may be made for the right candidate

What You Study in Year 1

Unit 1 Government, Policies and the Public Services – This unit lays the ground for further study into the control of the public services and the forces that act upon it. Previous years have seen visits to London

Unit 9 Outdoor and Adventurous Expeditions – This unit is the use of multi-day expeditions to promote organisation, self reliance and leadership. Key skills of survival and navigation will be taught and practiced along the way.

Unit 10 Skills for Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities – We focus on climbing and trekking to make the biggest improvements. Other land based outdoor pursuits will also be experienced

What You Study in Year 2

Unit 2 Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services – Have you got what it takes to motivate and organise others to achieve a goal? We’ll you will need to learn how to lead if you want to get the best marks from this unit.

Unit 3 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services – Anyone joining a public service needs to be aware of the expectations placed on them and where these derive from. The terms of racism and sexism will be discussed and inappropriate views challenged.

Sounds interesting? Any questions ring the College and ask for Mr Morris. See you next year!