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  • Finally, thank you to Ms Dures & Miss Hitchens for organising the event. Thanks also to the tech crew + all students / staff who helped out!
  • Thanks also to all of you dancers (and your teachers!) who helped put on such an amazing set of shows. You have all done yourselves proud!
  • Thank you to everyone who came along to the Dance Platform shows over the course of this week. We hope you all had a great time.
  • There are only a small number of tickets available for the final performance of Dance Platform tonight.Very Limited availability on the door
  • It's almost showtime!
  • Tonight is the second night of Dance Platform. Tickets are available on the door. Please note that tickets for Thursday have almost sold out

Business studies

This is a brief overview of the courses available in Business Studies.


GCSE Applied Business (OCR) Single Award

The Single award in Applied Business consists of 2 units of work, 1 controlled assignment and 1 external exam.

The 2 modules are:

  • Business in Action – this unit has a local context and looks at how businesses are organised and their relationship with different stakeholders – externally assessed.
  • Making your mark in business – this unit looks at the marketing and costing aspects of businesses – controlled assignment.


GCE Applied Business (OCR) Single Award

The Applied Business A level consists of 6 modules of work, 4 of which are coursework and 2 which are externally examined.  The Units are:


  • Unit 1 – Creating a Marketing Proposal – Students work with a local business to produce a marketing plan for a new product – Coursework
  • Unit 2 – Recruitment in Action – Students work with a local business to produce an employment plan for a specific job – Coursework
  • Unit 3 – Understanding the Business Environment – examining the external influences on businesses – External assessment


  • Unit 4 – Promotion in Action – Students work with a local business to prepare a promotional plan for the launch of a new product – Coursework
  • Unit 5 – A business plan for the entrepreneur – Students produce a plan for setting up a new business venture – Coursework
  • Unit 6 – Strategic Decision Making – Students take a holistic view of business activities and make major business decisions – External Assessment